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Manakaa Project

The code of good fashion.

Manakaa Project

The code of good fashion.

Manakaa Project

The code of good fashion.

Manakaa Project

The code of good fashion.

Manakaa Project

The code of good fashion.


Es ist wieder soweit, wir öffnen unseren Showroom für einen vorweihnachtlichen POP UP Event mit unseren befreundeten Berliner Labels als EQUIPE BERLIN.

Donnerstag, 24.11. & Freitag, 25.11. von 16 - 21 Uhr

Wir zeigen die neusten Kollektionen des luxuriösen Stricklabels PUGNAT, ausgefallene Reise-Accessoires von KUVERT BERLIN und unsere neusten MANAKAA PROJECT Kreationen aus gewaltfreier Seide und hochwertigen Bio-Wollstoffen. Dazu gibt es weihnachtlichen Punsch, ein paar Leckereien und sicherlich viele nette Gespräche zur Einstimmung auf die Vorweihnachtszeit.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

What we do.

Manakaa Project combines the Indian craftsmanship of glass bead embroidery with coded patterns and precise, timeless cuts.

The collection includes limited editions made from non-violent organic silk, the finest organic virgin wool, sustainable cashmere and ecological sweatshirt fabrics.

The embroidery is applied by hand, bead by bead. We use the finest Japanese MIYUKI glass beads for this.

What is important to us.

Fair working conditions, especially for embroidery and silk production in India, and ecological manufacturing processes are the basis of our label.

That is why we donate part of our income in the Indian state of Jharkhand to directly support our embroiderers and weavers.

<transcy>Local Commitment.</transcy>

<transcy>We are a founding partner of an Indian foundation that supports, modernizes and equips the village school in the production site of our embroidery and silk. Education is free - girls and boys visit the same classes. The aim is to create a student-friendly school situation for the children of the production employees to support them in offering their children better prospects for the future and to optimize their working conditions at the same time.</transcy>

Fair. Transparent.

<transcy>We are convinced that it should be transparent how and where clothing is produced. That is why we want to appreciate the people who produce for us in laborious manual labor as much as the people who wear our clothes. We stand for fair and transparent working conditions and wages and are guided by the high social standards of GOTS certification.</transcy>


<transcy>On our first visit to India, the traditional craftsmanship from sari embroidery inspired us for our project. The embroiderers transfer our patterns one-to-one to the fabric. They use large traditional embroidery frames &nbsp;and apply the pattern bead by bead.</transcy>

<transcy>Sustainable. Ecological.</transcy>

<transcy>85% of our materials are manufactured according to GOTS-certified standards and we are in the constant optimization process for further sustainable alternatives. We use non-violent organic Silk from India, the finest ecological Merino Wool from Germany, and sustainable Cashmere from Mongolia.</transcy>

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