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Silk Top

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Our Silk Top is made of 100% organic Peace Silk (Ahimsa silk) from Jharkhand, India. Non-violent or Peace Silk means that unlike traditional methods the silkworms survive the production of the silk as they can hatch from their cocoons. The hatched butterflies become part of the natural cycle and increase the biodiversity of the region. The Peace Silk is produced without any use of pesticide, fungicide or genetic spray and under fair working conditions.
The silk is printed with GOTS certified colors and shows a design of embroidered patterns.
Material: 100 % organic Ahimsa Silk, GOTS certified, COCCCON – crafts & loom, India
Embroidery: Glass beads & Nylon thread, MIYUKI, Japan
Care advice: Dry clean only
Details: one size
Made in the EU
Note Material:
COCCCON – crafts & loom is the worlds largest producer of organic Peace Silk. The invention of this organically produced cruelty-free silk has made a large impact on sustainable luxury market. These fairly paid and highly skilled artisans at COCCCON have expanded sustainable fashion choices beyond organic cotton or hemp with high quality silk. In addition to banning any chemical substances COCCCON promotes silk-weaving on Handloom to generate employment in rural India and to reverse migration from big-cities. Around 90 handlooms are in action any time and another 40 reserved for peak season. Eight out of twenty power looms have been upgraded with solar powered motors. Spinning and reeling is completely processed either manually or with solar machines. This makes 70% of the spinning and weaving operation zero-carbon. Furthermore the water usage is minimised in the production process with reclaiming used water by filtering the old used water and the residue from cocoon degumming is used as compost for agriculture.


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